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Ny name is Nikos Manesi English

The Parents

Nikos is one of three triplets born very prematurely - at 6 months and 990 grams. Nikos like his siblings was incubated for the first 3 months of his life, and literally fought for his life (complications included cerebral hemorrhage, meningitis, multiple infections). Nikos was less fortunate than his brother and sister, who, by comparison, have suffered from lesser issues. After his first months of life, Nikos started physiotherapy and a series of other therapies (occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.) He started his schooling at a specialised school for rehabilitation for spastic children. Later, his excellent mind allowed us to transfer him to a regular school.

All of this we have been able to do only with the support we have had from the people who have not only empathised with Nikos' problem, but also with his longing for a better quality of life.

Nikos is a very good student, he performs particularly well in mathematics and, in the last few years, history too. Attending a regular school is in itself a challenge; every year we need to ensure that his teachers will help with him with basic needs such as going to the toilet...

He is a sensitive child, within an intensely emotional world, he has a great love for his country, often times his maturity and intuition in conversations surprise us. He dreams - beyond being a historian - to be able to have some basic autonomy (e.g. walking with crutches, getting up from bed on his own, going to the toilet on his own). Simple activities for most of us, but, for Niko, life's dream.

For the time being he is able to move around with a wheelchair. He eats, writes, plays on the computer or with puzzles, but, as the doctors and therapists tell us, he has a long road ahead of him to achieve his would-be goals. The problem is that as Nikos approaches puberty the "window of opportunity" that allows for therapeutic interventions that will enhance his skeletal structure closes. This is our biggest concern, our desire, our wish, to give our child a future with autonomy and opportunities.

The expense of putting into practice our child's dream supersedes our families' economic potential. This dream requires expenses such as trips abroad, expensive hospitalisation, specialised physical therapies to mention a few (all very expensive, all very necessary). For this reason we ask whoever has the means to help, to help us in this difficult endeavour.

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